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On December 2nd, 1945, on the eve of the birth anniversary of the poet France Prešeren, the doors of the new Public Library in Škofja Loka were opened for the first time. It grew from a rich library and reading tradition, the beginnings of which date back to 1862, when people from Loka founded the first reading room.

Since then, the library has slowly grown in terms of space and staff, and has expanded its library network in nearby towns and smaller sites.

Now, the Ivan Tavčar Library in Škofja Loka provides library activities in four municipalities: Škofja Loka, Gorenja vas – Poljane, Železniki and Žiri. It carries out its activities for more than 42,000 inhabitants with a network of local libraries in Škofja Loka, Trata, Poljane, Gorenja vas, Železniki and Žiri. With the fund of the traveling library, it also supplies the location in Sovodnje.

In addition to lending materials, we carry out activities that encourage reading literacy among young people and we also organize various cultural events for adult visitors. The library is an important cultural center for local communities in all locations, providing the possibility of non-formal education and access to verified information. In carrying out these activities, we connect with kindergartens, schools, associations and local creators of cultural and educational programs, in the desire to maximize the synergy and relevance of contents.

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