Iskanje COBISS
Iskanje COBISS

My Library

You can:

  • Overview your borrowed and reserved library material,
  • Extend the loan period and place reservations,
  • Overview your debts and limitations in the library,
  • Independently change your password,
  • Independently set the notifications you prefer,
  • Independently change your contact data for e-notifications (e-mail or mobile phone number for text messages).        

How to register for MOJA KNJIŽNICA (=My Library):

  • Enter into the first field Knjižnica (=Library) the library you are enrolled into (Knjižnica Ivana Tavčarja Škofja Loka).
  • The number of the membership card is under the barcode on your membership card.
  • The password can be allotted at the lending service counter, if required.
  • When all fields are completed, click the »PRIJAVA« (=Submit) button.

mCOBISS is mobile app providing access to information on material in libraries.

Find and reserve a book, journal, newspaper or DVD. Renew the loan period. Make a list of your favourite books and share it with others. Check the location of the library on the map and directions on how to get there.

Click on the video and watch how to use My Library in the mCOBISS app.