Iskanje COBISS
Iskanje COBISS

My Library

You can:

  • Overview your borrowed and reserved library material,
  • Extend the loan period and place reservations,
  • Overview your debts and limitations in the library,
  • Independently change your password,
  • Independently set the notifications you prefer,
  • Independently change your contact data for e-notifications (e-mail or mobile phone number for text messages).        

How to register for MOJA KNJIŽNICA (=My Library):

  • Enter into the first field Knjižnica (=Library) the library you are enrolled into (Knjižnica Ivana Tavčarja Škofja Loka).
  • The number of the membership card is under the barcode on your membership card.
  • The password can be allotted at the lending service counter, if required.
  • When all fields are completed, click the »PRIJAVA« (=Submit) button.