Iskanje COBISS
Iskanje COBISS

Price list

 Membership fees:EUR
a)Central library Škofja Loka (annual membership fee)18,00
 Pro-rated (3 months)5,00
b)Local libraries Poljane, Gorenja vas, Trata, Železniki, Žiri14,00
 Pro-rated (3 months)5,00
c)Legal entities45,00
d)Patrons up 18 years of ageFree of charge
 Kindergardens, primary scools and enterprises employing persons with disabilities from the region of the administrative unit of Škofja LokaFree of charge
 Unemployed, beneficiaries of different social benefits, disabled persons (See Regulations)*Free of charge
e)Patrons above 80 years of ageFree of charge
 Membership fee for loans of e-books only via the Biblos web portal5,00
 * With a certificate not older than 30 days only. Valid for 6 months. renewable with a new certificate. 
Walk-in users:EUR
A deposit is charged for every unit of library material (Depending on the value of the unit of library material, also a higher deposit can apply), when received back, the deposit is refunded to the walk-in user.45,00
Fee per unit of library material, per loan period4,50
Reserved library material:EUR
Notification by phone (per unit of library material)0,50
non-claimed orders or reservations (per unit of library material)1,00
Overdue fees: 
 Books, journals, audio cassettes – per day0,30
CD, CD-rom, DVD, VHS – per day0,30
Overdue fees in affiliated libraries open less than 5 hours per week: 
Books, journals, audio cassettes – per week0,30
CD, CD-Rom, DVD, VHS – per week0,30
Reminder notes:  
1st Reminder note1,00
2nd Reminder note1,00
3rd Reminder note (registered mail)2,50
Postage and other costs regarding interlibrary loan 
Every loaned unit from another library9,00
Every loaned unit to another library7,00
Copies according the invoice of the library, that sent the copies0,20
Lost membership card: 
New membership card3,00
 a) for all users free of charge