Iskanje COBISS
Iskanje COBISS

Exchanging exhibitions of two folk artists


Our library and our sister library Panevezys Muncipal Library from Lithuania are celebrating eight years of sistership.

We decidet to exchange exhibitions of recognized folk artists and put an emphasis on folk art and heritage. Two of recognized folk artists were presented and well accepted, so we extended the exhibition time and display exebitions in brunch libraries too.  Many visitors saw similarities between the traditions of the two nations.


Virginija Jureviciene: „ OPENWORK LEGENDS"


The Lithuanian folk artist Virginija Jureviciene presents herself with paper cuts. By folding and cutting, she created lace curtains with motifs with ornaments and symbols that show the seasons and holidays from Easter to New Year. The works exhibited in this exhibition were created in the last five years.

Virginija Jureviciene started working with carving in 2010. In 2011, her artistic carvings were recognized as national heritage. Her images prove the excellence of folk art, and she is also the winner of numerous awards and recognitions. The Lithuanian National Museum and the Kupiskio Ethnographic Museum have some of her works in their collection. She had more than 40 exhibitions at home and around the world: in Belgium, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Iran.

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Simon Šubic Svetle: "BEST REGARDS!"

Simon Šubic, with artistic name Svetle, a retired shoemaker musician and self-taught painter, has been known as a versatile creator for decades.

We know his extensive painting opus, where he leaned stylistically especially on the older and already deceased self-taught artists  from his region. 

At this exhibition, the author introduces himself  with postcards.  The dominant motifs are motifs from his paintings, but he added many motifs specially painted for postcards in oil and watercolor techniques. Some are fictional, with typical folklore elements, such 

as national costumes with all the attributes that go along with them, as well as lace, the interior of old peasant houses, musical instruments used by folk entertainment ensembles, etc. On some postcards, he illustrated various old folk customs and activities in different seasons, supplemented by short notes explaining them. There was no shortage of postcards that were created to celebrate our biggest holidays, such as Christmas, Easter and New Year.