Iskanje COBISS
Iskanje COBISS

New sistership with Tabor city library

Knjiznica Tabor

Since 2015, our library has been a part of international cooperation project called NAPLE SISTER LIBRARIES. Through the project, we built connections with two European libraries: Public library of Panevezys from Lithuania and Pyhäjoen kirjasto from Finland. At the end of 2023, we welcomed another library into our international family – Městská knihovna Tábor (Tabor City Library) from Czech Republic. Cities Škofja Loka and Tabor have been closely connected for many years and now we made this bond even stronger by connecting our libraries as well. The exchange of good profesional practices and mutual learning are importan goals of international collaborations, but one of them is also to get to know the culture of the sister country and to present it to our readers.

With this aim in mind, we prepared a special reading shelf as introduction to our partnership. In our library unit in Žiri we highlighted works of fiction by Czech authors, both in the adult and children’s sections. They did the same in the Tabor City Library, where they highlighted Slovenian authors.

Eva Šturm